Who we are

Richmond Preparatory Charter School is a brand new charter school that will serve all students on Staten Island, particularly those diagnosed with Autism. We believe that all students can benefit from small class sizes, student centered instruction, and a caring and devoted staff.

Richmond Prep is the fourth school in the Integration Charter Schools network of schools. Our mission began with John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School in 2009, when we successfully opened the first charter school in Staten Island’s history. Lavelle Prep began with the sixth grade and has gone on to encompass grades K though 12. Along the way it has become one of the top high schools on Staten Island, often achieving a graduation rate of 100%, and being recognized as one of “Americas Top High Schools” according to US News and World Report. Based off of those experiences with Lavelle Prep, New Ventures was the second school to open in the network. New Ventures has gone on to be recognized as the top performing transfer charter high school in New York State. Shortly after the founding of New Ventures, both schools began operating under the Integration Charter Schools umbrella. In 2018, The Lois and Richard Nicotra Early College was opened becoming the only early college program on Staten Island.

All Integration Charter Schools operate with our set of core values. These values are not just a motto they can be seen and felt in everything we do. It is with this determination and compassion that we aim serve communities that are underserved, like the ASD community on Staten Island. We are here to serve those that need it most and provide academic opportunities that otherwise might not be available to them in our current system. We believe in the proper setting, with the proper support, that all students can achieve great things, and we aim to help them do just that.