What we offer

Richmond Prep is designed to be one of the most unique schools on Staten Island. Founded by a group that believes all children can thrive in the right environment, your child will be part of a school community that will support and elevate them.

Some of the key components of our program are:

College Preparatory Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for college from the time that they enter our program until they graduate. Due to the nature of our program, RPCS students will be able to take NYS Regents exams on an accelerated schedule making way for college credit bearing classes.

Small Class Sizes: Our classes are designed to have around 18 students in each class.

Student Centered Learning: Our teaching philosophy is that students need to be hands on with their work and learn through experimentation and experiences.

Computer Science Career Path: Every student will have a computer science class that will prepare them for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The pathway will begin in sixth grade and run all the way through high school graduation, enabling students to acquire professional certifications along the way. The Richmond Prep Computer Science program is one of the most advanced programs around, click here to learn more.

Inclusion: Students learn from each other as much as they learn from their teachers. Our classes are welcoming of all students, including those that have IEPs. Our small class sizes and highly trained staff ensure that all students can learn and grow in the same environment.

Welcoming of students living on the Autism Spectrum: Staten Island has some great programs for students living on the autism spectrum, but unfortunately there are not enough seats to serve all of those that need them. We will provide a college preparatory level education to our students and will design our program and facilities with those living with autism in mind.

Teacher and Teacher Assistant: Each class will have both a teacher and a teacher assistant working with the students.

Social Emotional Supports: Richmond Prep will have a dedicated Social Worker for each grade group as well as provided all mandated counseling services. Our school is built on a core belief that students need to be emotionally well in order to learn, and this can be felt throughout our facility and classrooms.

Wellness Classes: In order to empower our students to succeed, they need to tools to navigate adolescence. Every student will take a Wellness class that explores skills related to executive functioning, social language, bullying, peer pressure, and overall wellness. This class will be given every year of their career and will grow along with them.

Art Classes: Too often art classes are the first class to be cut from schools; not at Richmond Prep. We feel that is important for students to learn how to express themselves, and there is no better way to accomplish this than through the arts. Students will explore dance, visual arts, drama, and music throughout their career at Richmond Prep. Once students enter high school, they will choose an art path and delve deeper into that discipline.

A 6-12 Program: Take away the stress of deciding which high school to send your child to after middle school, we are a full 6-12 program. Your child can join us in 6th grade and we will take them all the way through their high school graduation and beyond.

A Truly Supportive Environment: Every member of our staff is here to support you and your child through their experience with us. This includes academic support, social-emotional support, career support, etc. We will advocate for every one of our students to ensure that they achieve success.