How to Apply

In order to get your child into Richmond Prep, you must apply through our lottery. An open lottery ensures that all students have an equal chance to gain entry to our school. Our lottery has two areas in which you can apply; the general education lottery and the special education lottery. If your child has an IEP (an Individualized Education Plan) you should apply through the special education lottery, if your child does not then you should apply through the general education lottery. You cannot apply to both.

Submitting a lottery application does not commit you to anything other than participating in the lottery. However, if you do want to have your child attend Richmond Prep, you must apply through the lottery. You have nothing to lose by submitting a lottery application, and you can still go through the application process for a district school while applying to Richmond Prep. The deadline for district schools has historically been in December, and for Richmond Prep it will be in April.

If you are chosen through the lottery, it is 100% your decision if you want to accept the seat. You will be given a window of time to make your decision to accept the seat or release it. If you accept the seat, there will be a registration process and someone will walk you through everything.

To submit an application to Richmond Prep, you can click on the link below, or you can submit a physical application and mail it to us or hand it to one of our representatives.

Apply Here!