If you have a specific question, please send an email to czilinski@richmondprepcharter.org

This page will be updated regularly as more questions are received.

Please see below for some commonly asked questions:

Are you part of the NYCDOE?

No. Richmond Prep is an independent charter school authorized by the New York State Department of Education.

Do you follow the DOE calendar?

Mostly. We try to follow the DOE calendar as closely as we can in order to make it easier for our families, but there may be a few days that do not sync up.

Do your students have to take state exams?

Yes. As a public school in New York State, we have to take the same high stakes exams as every other school.

Is my child eligible for yellow busing?

Yellow busing is offered through the NYC Office of Pupil Transportation for students living within a five mile path of the school. Other students will receive metro cards.

Can I get my child an IEP?

Yes. Charter schools cannot issue IEPs, however our special education team will work closely with you and the Committee for Special Education to ensure that your child receives whatever services are needed.

Can my child get door to door bussing?

If your child has received door to door busing in the past, there is a good chance that it can continue. It is not in our authority to give this service, but out team will work with you and the CSE to explore options.