Computer Science Program

In recent years many schools have introduced Computer Science programs into their curriculums. The introduction of such classes is a wise decision in a technology dominated world. It is not uncommon to see computers in classrooms, basic programming classes, or even a robotics class, but what is less common is to see a program designed to enable students to acquire professional certifications that can lead to in demand careers. That is what Richmond Prep has created.

Our program begins in the sixth grade introducing students to the basics of programming and hardware and increases the complexity of these topics through the eighth grade, leading to their first certification (IC3 Digital Literacy Certification). Once our students enter high school, drawing upon their experiences from the middle school program, they will choose either a hardware or programming pathway for the next four years. Student in the programming track will become adept at multiple programming languages and how to apply them, while their peers in the hardware track will master working with computer hardware, computer networking and security. Both tracks lead to college credit bearing Advanced Placement classes as well as professional certifications in their respective fields.

This program is designed not just to introduce our student to technology, but to enable them to become proficient in this field so that they can choose to pursue it professionally. Upon successful completion of this program, Richmond Prep students will have a definitive advantage over their peers.

Middle School Program

High School Program